Chloe’s right royal mail

A patriotic Sidmouth schoolgirl has received a letter from the Queen in thanks for her and her fellow brownies’ good deeds to mark the upcoming diamond jubilee.

Eight-year-old Chloe Beard wrote to Her Majesty to tell her how she and her other Sidmouth guides, rainbows and brownies had planted 420 trees to make a new hedge and wildlife area in the Byes.

It was part of the Woodland Trust’s campaign to plant a million trees as a lasting memorial to the monarch’s 60-year reign.

Chloe, a budding royalist, also told the Queen about Sidmouth’s royal wedding party last year and upcoming jubilee celebrations.

In response, she received a personal card and letter from Buckingham Palace embossed with the ER royal insignia and signed by the Queen’s lady-in-waiting.

“Chloe was so excited. She said it made her feel like royalty”, said Chloe’s mother Lorna, who leads Sidmouth guides and originally approached the Woodland Trust for the tree donation.

“It thanked Chloe for her kind message and photos and said Her Majesty hopes you have a lovely time at the street party in June.”

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The royal missive has caused a stir at school and thrust Chloe, who loves union jacks and all things regal, into the limelight.

“Anyone could have written to her but only Chloe did,” said Mrs Beard. “She’s very enthusiastic and really wanted to tell the Queen about the trees and about the forthcoming jubilee street party and the one we held for the royal wedding.

“Now she has a lovely souvenir which I think she’ll keep it forever.”

The trees planted in the Byes by the guides will become a thick hedge and wildlife haven for future generations of to enjoy, it is hoped.

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