Clare searches for first-class Good Samaritan

Clare Harvey pictured with her dogs Todd and Mack was delighted that a letter she dropped in the Bye

Clare Harvey pictured with her dogs Todd and Mack was delighted that a letter she dropped in the Byes was sent onto her sister in Canada, the person who picked up the letter paid for the postage before it was sent as Clare was on her way to the Post Office to do so. Ref shs 4339-42-15SH. Picture: Simon Horn - Credit: Archant

A woman who lost a package intended for her sister in Canada was amazed to find a complete stranger picked it up and sent it – and even paid for the postage.

Clare Harvey, who only moved to Sidmouth last month, now wants to find the Good Samaritan to say thank-you.

She says the ‘heart-warming’ gesture symbolises exactly what she loves so much about Sidmouth.

Clare had wanted to send her sister, who lives in British Columbia, some paint swatches for a quilt design, but the 56-year-old believes she dropped the envelope while walking her dogs in The Byes.

Clare, who was out with her labradors Todd and Mack, said: “We left The Byes and headed for the post office. I parked the dogs and at the counter realised I no longer had the envelope.

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“I know what happened - on pulling out the obligatory dog poo bag, I had also dropped the envelope.”

After speaking to her sister, Sheila, Clare found that the envelope containing the swatches had arrived with a note from the anonymous helper.

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Clare said: “The person had to take the time to go to the post office to have it weighed and not only that, actually then had to pay for it.

“Sadly, the person did not include their name and address as I would have not only liked to reimburse that lovely person, but also really thank them for such a generous and thoughtful act which really warms one’s heart.

“This is a symbol of what we love so much about Sidmouth and why we are moving home here.

“I sincerely hope the person who did this is reading this and would make themselves known to the Herald, so I could thank them personally.

“Nice to know there are such thoughtful people in the world.”

Clare has asked the person to contact the Herald on 01392 888511.

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