Concern and confusion as visibility mirrors swiped from Ottery roads

A shot of Tip Hill in Ottery

A shot of Tip Hill in Ottery - Credit: Archant

Residents and taxpayers are being left out of pocket after safety-boosting roadside visibility mirrors in Tip Hill and Gerway Lane were stolen.

The town council will have to fork out £150 to replace the Tip Hill item - the third one it will have purchased for the busy crossroads. Mayor Glyn Dobson said: “I don’t know how long we can keep on replacing these. I can’t understand why people take them.”

In Gerway Lane, a replacement mirror will also be the third residents have had to pay for. Resident Rachel Kirk said: “Gerway Lane turns directly onto Sidmouth Road and the mirror greatly improves our visibility and ability to turn in and out of our lane safely.”

PCSO Maria Clapp said no reports had been made to the police, but information on the the mirrors would be welcome.

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