Concern over Sidmouth’s floral vandals

In its 40th year vandals do �1,000 of damage to Sidmouth in Bloom displays

FLORAL destruction by vandals in Sidmouth is raising a lot of concern as the day of South West in Bloom judging approaches.

The town has suffered worse damage to its prized plants than in other years, as it celebrates its 40th year of Sidmouth in Bloom.

Doubts of using high-tech micro chipping in order to combat the devastation are far from being quenched, however.

Geoffrey Parsons, 68, of Winslade Road wasn’t entirely sure about the proposal.

“It wouldn’t work because they wouldn’t put the money in,” he said.

Martin Ratcliffe, 42, of Exmouth, agreed, saying he didn’t think it would work but suggested CCTV should be used instead.

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Vicky Lavarack, 65, was for the idea, however, saying she thought it was “a good idea as long as it’s not too expensive.

“Anything to combat vandalism.”

Mrs Leaver, 68, of Connaught Road, expressed doubt. “The trouble is, they usually leave the flowers behind,” she said. “It’s appalling.

They should be hanged, drawn and quartered,” she added to her husband, aged 77.

“In some respects it’s a good idea,” said Joan Dabek of Derbyshire, while friend Sheila Reaney added: “It’s a dreadful thing to happen.”

“They shouldn’t take things that don’t belong to them,” said Susan Varney, also of Derbyshire.

Dawn Pugsley, 40, of Sidmouth, said she thought it was a good idea to use microchips.

“We pay council tax to have nice gardens,” she said, adding that microchips would “stop people helping themselves.”

“In certain places it might be a good idea, if they think they can deter it,” said Mr W J Ward, 83, of Beer.

“If they’ve got to chip every flower it’s a waste of time, though.” he added.

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