Concerned Sidmouth pensioner warns about card scammers


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A concerned pensioner from Sidmouth is warning shoppers to be on their guard after scammers tried to use her contactless card.

The 68-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, said she became suspicious after someone made a £1 transaction online using her details.

She believes a scammer took a photograph of her details when she was shopping in Sidmouth on Thursday, June 1, where she used her contactless card.

After checking her statement, the Sidmouth resident contacted her bank about the transaction and was put through to its fraud squad which identified the scam.

The Sidmouth resident said: “I want people to be aware that this happening. I queried it with the bank as I did not know what this £1 was. It made me feel sick. You have to check statements regularly.

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“I wouldn’t use my card for a £1 purchase and it was an online transaction and I do not do any of that.

“There’s no way anyone could have got those details.”

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Action Fraud and the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit issued advice to residents if scammers tried to make a ‘card not present’ purchase.

An Action Fraud spokesman said: “If someone knows the details of your card, such as the 16-digit number, expiry date and security code on the back, they can use the information to buy in your name.

“This is done by making ‘card not present’ purchases, such as online shopping, when the seller doesn’t ask whoever’s buying for the actual card, just the information on it.

“Someone using your card’s information can have the goods delivered to them, but you pick up the cost.”

Action Fraud offers advice on protecting yourself from card frau:

? Look after your cards – keep them with you everywhere you go. Never hand over a card, particularly if you’re paying using a contactless card machine.

? Be protective of your banking information. Either keep your statements, receipts and documents stored safely, or destroy them using a shredder.

? Sign new cards as soon as they arrive, and cut old cards through the magnetic strip and the chip once they’ve expired or been cancelled.

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