Council stalwart’s thanks to “wonderful” Sidmouth

THE second-ever honorary freeman of Sidmouth, described as “the rock” of the town council for a quarter of a century, has thanked “wonderful” residents and visitors she met over the years.

Trina Jarrett Kemp, who is undergoing chemotherapy against breast cancer, has issued a heartfelt thank you to Sidmouth following her retirement.

In a message to residents of the town, she said: “When I retired after 25 years as Sidmouth’s town clerk in April, the council honoured me by making me a freeman of the town. At that time, I was able to thank all the councillors, both past and present and also the chamber of commerce and the hospitality association who I had worked closely with over that time.

“However, I am very conscious that in the years I served Sidmouth I came into contact with many of its wonderful residents and indeed visitors and have no way of thanking each and every one of you personally.

“I can offer my thanks to you all and tell you what a great privilege it has been to work in such a beautiful town with a population who so obviously care for its future.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December, which has made my retirement not quite what I had planned.

“But, I am luckier than many and am having chemotherapy this summer - so I hope by the autumn to start planning the many things which (husband) Austin and I hoped to do during my retirement.”