Councillor impressed by Branscombe school

BRANSCOMBE county councillor Jim Knight said he is impressed by the village s primary school following a recent visit.

BRANSCOMBE county councillor Jim Knight said he is impressed by the village's primary school following a recent visit.

Mr Knight met with head teacher Katie Gray, who has returned from maternity leave, and staff to gauge a better understanding of the school and its future aspirations.

He said: "I concluded that the school is a good school as judged by Ofsted in 2008, the head teacher has returned from maternity leave and the school has now stabilised with a small increase in pupil numbers and several families have approached the school for the next school year."

After his discussion with staff, Mr Knight was given a tour of the staff.

He added: "Some children were sitting their SATs, others were enjoying their classroom activities. Previously, before this visit, I went to a village function and watched the children do the maypole dances and this gave me the opportunity to speak to some of the young mothers about their children's education at the school."

He praised the school for the many "accolades and awards" it has gained, but said it was important for the governing body to "determine how they wish to promote current and future good practice at the school".

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