Couple seek Sidmouth Good Samaritan to thank

Couple in difficulties during Dartmoor walk helped by Sidmouth ‘Good Samaritan’

A Good Samaritan from Sidmouth is being sought after she helped a couple in difficulties during an arduous Dartmoor walk.

Ken and Josephine Church from Okehampton want to contact their mystery helper who they met while struggling to cope with a difficult walk between Castle Drogo and the Fingle Bridge Inn.

Both in their 70s, the couple had wanted to do the walk for some time, and, despite Josephine having heart trouble and a pinned hip, were determined to go, have a cream tea at the inn, then walk back.

“It was two miles of rough terrain with huge precipices, it was like walking in the Amazonian jungle,” said Ken, 76 this week.

“We did it in about 35 minutes. My wife twisted her ankle three times. When we’d had our cream tea we asked if there was an easier way back and were told to take a bottom road which was more level.”

Their return walk proved more difficult after the road petered out and they had to climb a cliff.

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“My wife got stuck half way up and then got cramp and I couldn’t get her off her knees,” said Ken, a jazz musician.

It was then the Sidmouth Samaritan stepped in.

The woman, who Ken described as being in her early 40s and “very athletic” was picnicking with her husband, son, who was celebrating his 12th birthday, and daughter.

“She took control and told her husband she wanted to look at the path and to see where the bridge over the river was.

“She talked to my wife, who was in a terrible state, and said she would come all the way back to the castle with us, but we said no, we would be okay.”

More than two hours later, they reached Castle Drogo and, said Ken, his wife was exhausted and still suffering the effects of their excursion days later.

“We want to thank this lady, she really was a good Samaritan.”

As for the trip, Ken said they had nicknamed Castle Drogo “Castle Nogo”.

*If you are the mystery Samaritan please call (01395) 888 502 so we can put you in touch with Ken and Josephine.