‘Coward’ gang battered Sidmouth teen on Halloween

Mystery member of public chased off offenders

A VIOLENT gang who left a Sidmouth teenager battered and bruised in an unprovoked attack on Halloween have been branded as ‘cowards’ by police.

Detectives have appealed for witnesses after a 17-year-old was assaulted by up to five male culprits in Manstone Avenue last Monday, October 31.

They also want to find and thank a mystery member of the public who chased away offenders and stopped them inflicting further injury.

Thugs unleashed a volley of punches on their victim when the incident took place between 6pm and 7pm.

Detective Constable Claire Ware, of Honiton CID, described the attack as “cowardly”.

She told the Herald: “It is believed that around four or five males set upon the lone victim, punching him in the head, ribs and stomach and leaving him dazed and badly bruised and beaten.

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“The offenders are believed to be of a similar age and perhaps local to the area.

“I don’t believe there was any direct link to Halloween.

“There were no demands for the victim’s mobile phone, money.

“The attack seemed completely unprovoked. The victim just put his arms over his face and body as best he could to protect himself.

“The adult who then chased the offenders off is currently unidentified, but the victim’s family would like to know who he was in order to thank him. They feared that if he had not appeared on the scene their son could have suffered further injury.”

Det Con Ware added: “It would seem that, if there have been a few recent incidents of youths being set upon recently, then the locals are rather fed up. Hopefully, we may get some response from the public. There will have been people around as it was Halloween.”

Contact DC Ware at Honiton CID with information by dialling 101, crime reference: KS/11/624.

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