Cranbrook parents ordered to not let kids become ‘killers in our midst’ following park closures

Cranbrook play parks have been closed following the coronavirus outbreak. Picture: Beth Sharp

Cranbrook play parks have been closed following the coronavirus outbreak. Picture: Beth Sharp - Credit: Archant

All Cranbrook playparks have been closed immediately, following the coronavirus outbreak.

Cranbrook Town Council made the move in a bid to keep the areas free from spreading coronavirus.

A council spokesman said: “These restrictions have not been put in place for the fun of it.

“The pandemic is a serious matter, huge efforts are being made to contain it.

“None of us needs to have a handful of anti-social people endangering the health of the wider community by inappropriate gatherings, and certainly not by way of trespass into play parks or other areas which are closed to the public.

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“The ‘public’ means all members of the public. No exceptions.”

The spokesman added that despite the closure the authority learnt of a group of youths continuing to use the play park at St Martin’s, ignoring clearly visible signs the park is closed.

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The spokesman said: “When asked to leave and disperse, the resident who asked them to do so was met with threats and abuse.

“If you have children, of any age, please try to make them understand that, although they may not be too badly affected if infected themselves, they have the potential to pass the infection to many, possibly thousands of people.

“We are not in the middle of a public holiday. This is not a time when it’s okay to hang about with their mates.

“Please keep them at home or ensure you go out with them as a family group and keep well away from others.

“Don’t let them become killers in our midst. And please ask them to respect other people who are giving them sound advice when they are doing things that they know full well they shouldn’t.

“For those who are still having difficulty in understanding what is expected of them, the police have been informed and they will be stepping up patrols in the town.

“They will no doubt be happy to explain while writing the fixed penalty notices.”

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