Crazed horse attack dog ‘destroyed’

A CRAZED pet dog, which savaged a horse being ridden by a terrified Newton Poppleford woman, has been put down- police revealed this week.

A CRAZED pet dog, which savaged a horse being ridden by a terrified Newton Poppleford woman, has been put down, police revealed this week.

Sue Wallis, 50, suffered a collapsed lung and a cracked rib as she was thrown from her spooked mare during the horror attack on Woodbury Common.

She told the Herald the news that the dog responsible had been destroyed- after its owner came forward to police- would give her closure following the frenzied five-minute ordeal earlier this month.

“I didn’t want a dangerous dog on the loose in public areas- for the safety of other people,” said Millmoore Lane resident Sue.

Her 21-year-old ex-hunt horse, named Tina, needed scores of stitches after suffering six separate bite wounds.

Police this week revealed the owner of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Collie cross had been unaware of the seriousness of the attack. An appeal prompted the man, from Talaton, to come forward voluntarily, officers added.

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They said the owner took his pet, a rescue dog he had only owned for a few weeks, to the vet on Monday to have it destroyed.

Exmouth police neighbourhood team leader Sergeant Nick Southern, said: “He was very remorseful. He wasn’t fully aware of the circumstances at the time.

“He saw the publicity and came forward voluntarily. He made the decision to destroy the dog because of what happened.”

PS Southern said officers’ main concern had been to track down the dog and prevent it from carrying out any further attacks.

The Herald reported last week how Sue had been riding with a friend when the seemingly ‘harmless’ dog suddenly lunged at Tina’s throat, legs and body. The attack took place on a piece of common between Four Firs and Yettington.

Sue was contacted by police on Saturday and told the dog owner had come forward.

“It’s an unfortunate incident,” she said, “I’m very pleased, because it could have attacked again. If we’d had a small child with us I just don’t know what would have happened.”

Sue, a self-employed gardener, said she’s been unable to work as she gradually recovers.