Crime drops by quarter

Sidmouth Police Station

Sidmouth Police Station - Credit: Archant

Last month saw 23 reported crimes in Sidmouth - down by a quarter on December 2013 - including nine incidents of criminal damage and a series of burglaries.

Sergeant Andy Squires said four of the criminal damages had been put down to one individual.

Two of the burglaries, in the Bickwell Valley area, are suspected to be the work of a homeless person looking for somewhere to stay. Nothing was stolen apart from a collection of vintage wine, but Sgt Squires did not believe this to have been premeditated.

There was also a break-in at the croquet club. As nothing was taken and no one was hurt, it could be reclassified to a criminal damage.

Also reported last month was a theft from a motor vehicle, two counts of shoplifting and two public order offences.