Criminals who broke into West Hill’s Royal British Legion branded ‘despicable’


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Police appeal for information

West Hill Royal British Legion (RBL) members have condemned the actions of criminals who broke into the charity’s premises as ‘despicable’.

The School Lane building was targeted at around 3.20am on Thursday, August 18, when culprits gained access by smashing in the front door, causing an estimated £1,000-worth of damage.

Police were alerted after the intruders activated the alarm and forensic work is being carried out on a print left at the scene as part of the ongoing investigation.

Members of West Hill’s RBL have reacted with disbelief that anyone would target a non-profit-making cause. They say the cost will hit the charity hard.

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Secretary Clive Thomas said: “There is a UPVC porch on the front of the building, which they broke to get in. They tried to jemmy the cellar door and then they tried to kick in the bar door. They activated the alarm, which must have scared them away.

“We do not actually keep any money in the premises at all because we have been broken into before. We are a charity and yet people come along and break-in. I would guess the cost of damage is going to be around £1,000-worth because each door has security keys and locks. For a non-profit making organisation, that is a lot of money.

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“It’s pretty low to break into a charity. You do not expect it for the RBL - we are a non-profit making club and there for the use of the village. It’s despicable.”

Sergeant Pete Boorn, of Ottery’s neighbourhood policing team, said: “The investigation is ongoing and forensic work is being done.”

He encouraged people to report any incidents or break-ins so police are aware of what is going on in the area and can assign additional resources if necessary.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police by emailing or calling 101 quoting the reference: CR: 057530/16.

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