Cycle parking to be extended from seafront

BMX biker ready to go

BMX biker ready to go - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Planned cycle parking is set to be extended from Sidmouth’s seafront after concerns it will cause confusion.

Bike riding is banned from the Esplanade, so locals and tourists will be encouraged to park at the Arches, and at other new sites.

Town councillors are keen to make the most of the legacy of the Tour of Britain, but rejected plans for a covered area near the Tourist Information Centre (TIC).

Devon County Council has offered the cycle parking, and civic leaders have been trying to fine-tune the locations.

Discussions were deferred to last Monday’s meeting from August as members said they needed more information.

Councillor Chris Wale said the town is promoting cycling from a tourism point of view, and it would send a mixed message to extend cycle paths but not provide parking.

The proposed Esplanade stands have been moved inland, to the Arches on the western side and next to Alma Bridge in the east.

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Sites outside Lloyds Bank and the Radway Cinema were both agreed.

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