Dangerous drivers in Sidmouth putting lives at risk

Charlie Nex and Roy Gorman on the croosing at Woolbrook Rise. ref shs 1846-34-13SS Crossing

Charlie Nex and Roy Gorman on the croosing at Woolbrook Rise. ref shs 1846-34-13SS Crossing - Credit: Archant

Dangerous drivers in Sidmouth are narrowly avoiding hitting pedestrians when they overtake stationary buses collecting and dropping off passengers.

Residents are up in arms and reminding motorists that a minute’s wait at Stowford Rise will save them breaking the law – and could save a life.

They say the road is ‘a recipe for disaster’ and have asked for action from highways bosses and police.

Le Locle Close resident George Harris, 87, said: “A little boy was about to step out into the road when this guy came along thinking he was on a race track – if the lad had taken another step he would’ve been killed.

“One of these days there’s going to be an almighty crash.”

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His neighbour, Roy Gorman, added: “We are dreading the time somebody gets hurt.

“You wouldn’t stand a dog’s chance in hell if you got hit – people need to know it’s against the law to overtake there.”

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He said the problem had been exacerbated during FolkWeek, when there was a campsite nearby and an increased number of people trying to reach the town.

But the 72-year-old added that with a community centre and supermarket there, two estates totalling 400 houses being built and a health centre scheduled nearby, the road cannot take the strain.

George’s son-in-law, Charlie Nex, suggested that a pelican crossing would be safer than a zebra crossing as drivers would know to stop.

The bus stop is used as a timing point by drivers who are ahead of schedule, but Charlie said he cannot understand why the pull-in areas further along the road could not be used for that purpose to improve safety.

Devon County Council concluded that the road signs are legal, so have requested that police keep watch on the area.

Gerry Moore, from the East and Mid Devon Community Safety Partnership, said: “I went to the area one morning and saw for myself what is taking place.

“I would ask the offending motorists not to contravene the keep left bollards and endanger other motorists and pedestrians.

“Offending drivers are liable to prosecution and penalty points on their licences.”

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