Dave left fuming at hoax UN email

INVESTIGATIONS are underway to track down the sender of a spoof email allegedly from county councillor Stuart Hughes.

INVESTIGATIONS are underway to track down the sender of a spoof email allegedly from county councillor Stuart Hughes.Dave Cobley, of Arcot Park, was left fuming after receiving the email relating to problems residents had accessing Arcot Road, especially as work is due to be carried out during half term to resurface the road and paint double yellow lines.The email, which appeared to come from Mr Hughes' County Hall email address, claimed he had written to the Prime Minister about the access problems. The PM suggested it be brought up "with Kofi Annan at the next UN council meeting".It continues: "Subsequently, I have contacted the board and they have agreed to raise the subject shortly after the debate on the crisis in Iran."It then suggests Mr Cobley attend the meeting in Southern California, with first class travel and accommodation provided.Mr Cobley said: "I called Mr Hughes and he said it was disgusting and nothing to do with him. "It is odd getting an email like that. How did anyone get my email address? It really makes you wonder. I am not happy about it."He was particular angry the hoaxer had put a pensioner's telephone number on the message, implying it was Mr Hughes'.Mr Hughes said: "I think this is one of the lowest type of things you can do. It sounds like an April Fool's joke but someone like Dave is concerned about the issues in Arcot Road."To fabricate an email and turn it into a joke, then add an elderly lady's number, is something I take a dim view of. I find it pathetic."Mr Hughes, who was at DCC when he heard of the hoax, asked the head of IT, Rob Parkhouse, to track down the source of the email and said: "I expect the sender is sweating."No-one can get into my email account, you would have to know the password, which is changed regularly."A Devon County Council spokesman said: "It appears this email was sent from someone external to the county council systems. "Security is absolutely paramount to us.

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