DCC aims to keep Devon mud on roads to minimum

Online advice on keeping mud and muck of Devon’s roads from Devon County Council

MOTORISTS are being urged to prevent their vehicles from leaving excessive mud on Devon’s roads this winter.

Devon County Council has produced guidance to the farming, agriculture and construction industries on unacceptable levels of mud on the highway. The advice applies to all drivers.

Excessive mud and muck on roads can cause collisions, and it is an offence, under the Highways Act, to allow soil or refuse from land to be carried, fall or be washed on to the road.

Those that do are responsible for clearing it and ensuring their wheels have been cleaned before driving on to the road.

If it is not removed in a reasonable time then DCC can arrange cleaning and bill offenders. In serious cases, police can take action to ensure mud is removed.

Sidmouth, Sidford County Councillor Stuart Hughes, cabinet member for highways and transportation, said: “You expect to find some mud on a rural road network as large as Devon’s because of the amount of agricultural industry and building work in the area, so we’re urging people to act responsibly.”

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The council’s leaflet is online at www.devon.gov.uk/index/transportroads/roads/farming and roads.

To report mud on roads, or to obtain further information, call (0845) 1551004.