Decision due today on East Devon’s £30m refuse collection contract

Recycling bins on Church Street this week. Ref shs 2844-04-16SH. Photo Simon Horn

Recycling bins on Church Street this week. Ref shs 2844-04-16SH. Photo Simon Horn - Credit: Archant

Scheme could see cardboard collected from Sidmouth homes - but black wheelie bins emptied every three weeks

A new scheme which would allow Sid Valley households to recycle cardboard and plastic at the kerbside could be given the go-ahead next week.

Under the initiative, residents’ black wheelie bins would be emptied once every three weeks, instead of fortnightly.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) has trialled the initiative in parts of Exmouth and Feniton, and says the feedback it received has been overwhelmingly positive.

Today, (Wednesday, February 10), EDDC’s leadership will decide which of three firms to award the £30million, seven-year recycling and refuse collection contract to.

A report before the council’s cabinet says that the company offering kerbside cardboard and plastic recycling, and a black bin collection every three weeks, is the best option.

The report says it will save the authority more than £264,000, while providing an improved service for residents. The thinking behind the scheme is that by allowing cardboard and plastic to be recycled, there will be space for an extra week’s rubbish in the black wheelie bins.

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Reacting on the Herald’s Facebook page, some residents expressed concern that their bins would be full long before they are emptied. Andy Shearer wrote: “Three weeks is ridiculous - it takes just one week to fill our black bin, then struggling to find space for the following week’s rubbish.

Emma Butler said: “I recycle every piece of cardboard at the tip and I still have too much rubbish to fit in my bin for a fortnightly collection, let alone three weeks.

Others welcomed the proposed change.

Angie Carney said: “We’d be happy to try a three-weekly landfill collection. I think it’s the right way to go. A cardboard collection would be really great too.

Judy Greene wrote: “I definitely think it’s a good idea. I take my cardboard and plastic to the recycling centre and my neighbour and I share a refuse bin and still can’t fill it up. Those that have genuine problems who can’t get it in a bin will be given bags for the excess. I hope it comes in soon.”