Dementia report out soon says Sidmouth chairman

Older peoples working group to report soon on needs of dementia suffers in Sid Valley

THE findings of a working group set up to investigate the needs of dementia sufferers in the Sid Valley, will be reported on later this month.

Mark Williams, chairman of the Older Peoples Mental Health Working Group, said: “The question of the number of dementia suffers and their carers’ needs in the Sidmouth area is a complexes issue dependent on a wide range of clinical, social and financial factors.

“The working group comprising principally of local councillors, carers, and voluntary agency representatives working alongside NHS and Social Services managers are fully cognisant of these pressing issues.

“We are tackling this important factor when determining the level of need in the community and will be reporting on our finding later this month.”

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He said there was a misconception the working group would be responsible for implementing a solution to the Stowford Lodge, carer short break issue.

“The remit of the OPMH working group when it was formed was, and still remains, to produce a report on the situation regarding Stowford Lodge and short break provision, it also will make recommendations to the appropriate agencies and services,” he said.

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“It is, and always has been, the case that the Devon NHS Trust and Social Services, along with other agencies, will continue to have the responsibility for the delivery of these services.”

He stressed the working relationship with NHS, Social Services staff and community representatives had been “very positive and productive”.

He said: “We have moved on considerably from the position we were in last year. This bodes well for the future.

“On completion of the working group’s report and recommendations it has been proposed that an implementation group be formed to drive forward the recommendations of the report.

“I feel confident that the new systems for care in the community will bring about an improvement in the quality of provision in the Sidmouth area.

“I do fully appreciate the pressing needs of both dementia suffers and their carers, and understand the public’s concern.

“I can assure you the report will be robust and well grounded regarding the Stowford Lodge situation, and because of the close collaborative nature of the working group it will also form a solid foundation for future improvements in carer wellbeing and the care and early diagnosis of dementia suffers.”

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