Devon bikers urged to stay safe on bends

Devon County Council offers Max Rider website to aid bikers with riding skills

BIKERS are being urged to get it right when negotiating bends.

The message comes from Devon County Council’s road safety team after figures for the first six months of 2011 show six riders were killed or seriously injured after losing control on left hand bends.

A further five bikers received slight injuries and three were injured failing to make right hand bends.

In all more than 30 injury crashes occurred in the first six months of the year, up eight on the same period in 2010. There was one less fatality than last year.

To help motorcyclists with their riding skills, DCC asks riders to check out the Cornering Clinic on the Max Rider website: to pick up useful tips on safely negotiating bends.

Michael Newcombe, road safety officer, said: “Bikers failing to make left hand bends is an ongoing issue in Devon.

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“Losing control on a left hand bend could lead to them hitting an oncoming vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.”

The potential for injury was far greater than if negotiating right hand bends, he said.

Sidmouth, Sidford County Councillor Stuart Hughes, cabinet member for highways and transportation said: “The Max Rider website and the videos showing riding skills will have real benefits for motorcyclists. Picking up a few pointers on how they can develop their riding can be the difference between staying safe and crashing.”