Devon schools asked to join first aid scheme

SCHOOLS in East Devon are being asked to teach first aid by a leading charity in that field.

St John Ambulance is encouraging schools to sign up to a new scheme to gain the St John Ambulance Schools Mark, which will be awarded to schools that train students in first aid through the charity’s Young First Aider programme.

This programme, and St John’s school liaison officers, enable 600,000 children a year to learn the basic life-saving skills needed to make the difference between a life lost and one saved.

The charity recently teamed up with the popular musical Wicked to encourage more teachers to introduce first aid into schools.

It has launched, a free resource website to help schools teach first aid, and the values behind it, to pupils aged from five to 16.

David Wirrich, County Executive Officer for Devon St John Ambulance, said: “Children are never too young to learn the basic skills they need to help save a life.

“Those skills can then be used at school, at home, or wherever they happen to be when an emergency strikes.

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“We would like to see more schools in Devon showing a commitment to health and safety and first aid in the workplace and the school environment, for both the students and the staff as well. The aim is to make all schools as safe as possible.”

More than 300 school children were trained through St John Ambulance in Devon last year, with the schools team going into many different schools across the county.

Contact St John Ambulance on (01392) 824445 for more information about its schools liaison team.