Devon woman shocks TV hosts after naming son LUCIFER

Woman from Devon called her son Lucifer

Jodie called in to the Jeremy Vine show on Channel 5 - Credit: Channel 5

A Devon woman caused a stir on a TV phone in after telling presenters she named her child LUCIFER.

On his channel 5 show, Jeremy Vine, this morning (December 10), the presenter spoke to a mum identified only as Jodie, from Devon, about the name - which has been adopted by Christianity as the name of the Devil.

"I looked at loads of names for hours and hours with my partner and I didn't like any of them," she explained.

"Lucifer popped in my head and I stayed with it."

The shocked host then asked whether she had received any reaction to the name from others.

"(We've) had a lot of criticism, and I just got over it if I'm honest," Josie said.

Now seven months old, she told the programme she had settled on the name, along with her partner, before Lucifer was born.

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"I knew when I was about eight months (pregnant) that I was going to name him (that), so I had it before he was born, the criticism," she said.

Vine did try to appease the reaction, suggesting there 'have probably been some lovely people named Lucifer in the past'.

But Josie was resigned to the fact she would continue getting comments about the name.

"Unfortunately, everyone has an opinion in this day and age, there's not much you can do about it," she added.

"When you name your children, you are going to get criticism, you know that. Some people are going to call you out.

"The best thing to do is tell them point blank, 'it's my son, not yours, I'm calling him that, get over it'.

"There are going to be people that go, 'oh he's named after the devil', I (say) I didn't call him after the devil, I just liked it, simple as that."