DJ’s cancer charity quest for pal

AN Ottery fundraiser who’s appeared on Top of the Pops and at Glastonbury will front a music event in the town tonight, then leap out of a plane for charity after learning a close friend has been diagnosed with cancer.

Ridgeway resident Richard Kaye, 38, organised a DJ night at the King of Clubs to raise cash for the Exeter Leukaemia Fund (ELF). “When my friend recently contracted cancer, it came as a huge shock and he is keen to get people to donate to ELF,” said Richard.

“It’s always the case, people never think it will happen to them. When it is somebody you are close to it is a shock and something you feel you should try to help with.”

Richard’s musical alter-ego Dick Kurtaine was scratch DJ for 90s indie band Ash. Tonight’s event from 9pm to 1am will feature a host of local DJs.

Tomorrow he’ll take part in a charity sky-dive. To sponsor Richard visit