Dog makes miracle journey home from Sidmouth beach

After being lost for a fortnight on a Sidmouth beach the owners of a dog which made an incredible journey back home have branded it miraculous.

Six year-old Border Collie Candy, must have walked more than six miles from Weston Mouth to their home in Lancercombe.

Her owners, Gillian and Les Lacey, both 65, couldn’t believe the rescue dog had found her way home after going missing for almost two weeks.

Gillian’s sister Gaynor was out walking the dog as neither of the Laceys were able to take Candy out themselves. Gillian is recovering from an operation and cant drive, and Les is on chemotherapy, which also meant they weren’t able to go looking for their dog when she went missing.

Whilst at Weston beach on Tuesday, June 14, Candy, who spooks very easily, ran off and although Gaynor waited for hours, she never came back to the car. After that she was going up to the beach twice a day to see if she could bring her back.

Mrs Lacey said she couldn’t stop thinking about their dog up their by herself, and was worried they might never get her home, until one day she went to leave their home near Tipton St John.

She said: “I went outside to visit my sister and there she was, standing in front of the house.”

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“I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

The dog was dirty and very thin, and holding one of her paws, but they took her to the vet and miraculously she did not sustain any serious industries, is on antibiotics and will soon be back to full health.

Gillian wanted to let people know about Candy to try and help others who have lost their animals not to give up hope.

Les added: “I know if we had read this story while our dog was missing it would have brought us great comfort.”

The couple also wanted to thank David at Leigh Cottages at Weston, who has helped them publicise their search for Candy, Stephen Childs in Sidmouth who helped with posters and to the dog-walkers in the area who have kept their eye out for her.