Dog saved from drowning in Ottery sewage drama

A PET dog was rescued from drowning in sewage when a Sunday stroll in Ottery nearly ended in tragedy.

The small terrier’s owner dialled 999 when it was left struggling in slurry at the town’s sewage treatment works near the Millennium Green after chasing a rabbit.

Firefighters who saved the pooch’s life needed a hose-down after it thanked them by shaking itself dry- covering them in unmentionable filth.

Specialist rescuers from Plymouth and Exmouth were mobilised after the incident was reported at around 9.30am on Sunday, but were stood down as Ottery’s firefighters quickly saved the pet- by grabbing his collar and pulling him out of the sewage.

“Apart from needing a bath he was alright,” said crew commander Gary Shaw.

“It was like quick sand, If he had been left there he would have gone under or perished.

“When he got out he did what all dogs do and shook himself- it went everywhere.

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“You wouldn’t go swimming in it- it was a bit like mud, but it wasn’t.”