Dog walkers ‘ignoring’ lead law at Sidmouth park

Pooch owners have been warned they face an �80 on the spot fine or court

DOG walkers are ‘ignoring’ a newly introduced byelaw that orders them to keep their pets on leads at a Sidmouth park.

Canine owners have been warned they face an �80 on the spot fine- or a court appearance- if caught breaking the rules at Long Park.

Lymebourne and Arcot Park Residents Association leaders have urged users of the field to adhere to the dictate as they don’t want to see townsfolk hit in the pocket by the punishment. They also fear not everyone is aware of the new rule yet.

An association committee spokesperson said: “We’re concerned that some residents, who may not have realised, could receive a fine of �80 or �1,000 if it goes further.

“We don’t want to offend people, the committee just wants to inform them and bring the area, and the possible punishment, to their attention.

“We know some people are getting frustrated, and there is an obstinate element who are ignoring it all ( the byelaw).

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“The field is regularly used by young people who play football.”

Signs informing park users of the byelaw were put in place in Arcot Road by East Devon District Council on June 1.

An EDDC spokesperson said: “The council wants to remind dog walkers that Long Park in Sidmouth is an area where you can walk your dog, but, the dog must be kept on a lead at all times.

“Residents in the Lymebourne area have complained that dog walkers are ignoring the signs and the public are being warned that both uniformed and plain clothes enforcement officers will be stepping up patrols in the area. Anyone responsible for a dog found off the lead in Long Park will be served with a fixed penalty notice, which carries a fine of �80.”