Donkey Sanctuary’s ‘Mystic Mule’ predicts Olympics

A “mystic mule” at the donkey sanctuary has been joyfully predicting the results of the Olympics with 100 per cent success rate so far.

Millie, a horse-donkey hybrid who previously trained with the Ministry of Defence, uses her “super intelligence” to stand on one of two boxes to prophecy “yes” or “no” about the outcomes of certain events.

On Monday she correctly predicted that Great Britain would get its first medal.

On Tuesday she foresaw both that the British eventing team would win silver and that Mary King would not scoop an individual medal.

And on Wednesday she said that Bradley Wiggins would win gold in the cycling time trial.

Her keepers at the donkey refuge usher her into a paddock each morning and let her freely choose a “yes” or “no” box to stand on.

A spokesperson explained her eccentric nature: “She’s a bit of a show girl with a range of tricks including waving flags, taking bows and removing things from her back.

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“She’s so clever, and its important to enrich their lives and keep them busy, so we thought we’d see if we could harness her skills and turn her into a pundit- with amazing results!

She added: “On Tuesday she was particularly proud of her prediction and wouldn’t budge- so that was a particularly emphatic yes!”

For variety, the keepers move the boxes around, and are thinking of adding other tests to keep Millie on her toes.

She joins the lofty ranks of previous animal pundits, such as Paul the psychic octopus, who successfully predicted the outcome of the 2010 World Cup.