Driver: ‘Mystery metal object left me with £700 repair bill’

Mystery object on the B3176.

Mystery object on the B3176. - Credit: Archant

Motorist says object on main Sidmouth road ‘does not appear to serve and obvious purpose’

A motorist has appealed to other drivers after a ‘jagged’ metal object on a Sidmouth road caused £700 of damage to her car.

The woman has asked if anyone else has been troubled by the item on the B3176.

She said: “I would be interested to know if other drivers have been troubled by a large metal object which is sticking out of the verge very close to the road leading out of Sidmouth past the old railway station.

“It is on the left hand side of the road, a few hundred yards after Icehouse Lane and just beyond the drive to a field which has been used for festival camping in the past.

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“I went past this object last week and heard, to my horror, a very loud clunk. I thought I’d hit a stone.

“My car then began to make strange noises, so I took it to the garage only to find out that severe damage has been caused.

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The resulting bill was over £700.

“Has anyone else noticed it? The object looks like a metal cross with very jagged edges. It does not appear to serve an obvious purpose.”

The driver has asked anyone with information to write in to the Sidmouth Herald’s Opinion page by emailing

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