East Devon Amnesty support prisoners of conscience

Christmas messages of support from Amnesty gatherings in Sidmouth and Branscombe

TWO events, supporting prisoners of conscience and their families, have been held this month by East Devon Amnesty International.

Thirty members gathered at Twyford House, Sidmouth, at the beginning of December to write messages of support to victims of persecution and their families across the world, including the Russian Federation, Mexico, Azerbaijan and Pakistan. Some 330 cards were sent.

On December 10, supporters gathered in Branscombe to write to governments to plead the specific cases of individuals who had suffered under their jurisdictions. This was in response to Amnesty’s 50th anniversary Write for Rights campaign which involved similar activities in the same week across dozens of countries. From East Devon more than 60 letters were sent to governments and embassies.

During 2012 East Devon Amnesty Group will meet on the third Thursday of each month at Twyford House, Coburg Rd.