East Devon Local Plan deadline passes

CREATING new jobs and affordable homes will be at the centre of a vision for the future of East Devon, the district council reaffirmed this week.

A public consultation on the authority’s Local Plan, a blueprint for the next 15 years, closed on Tuesday.

Councillor Mike Allen, chairman of East Devon District Council’s (EDDC) Local Plan panel, said helping the young, families and retired people to have the homes and quality of life they want, was also high on the agenda.

The Local Plan proposes 150 new homes for Sidmouth and a ‘non-strategic allocation’ - land the council believes, in principle, Sidmouth is likely to need “in order to thrive” - of five hectares.

“We have a resilient economy with much lower unemployment than much of England,” said Cllr Allen. “Above all, we can depend on the sheer determination of residents in East Devon to help us overcome obstacles whilst we preserve our outstanding environment so it remains the envy of most.”