East Devon MP Hugo Swire ‘honoured’ by promotion

East Devon MP Hugo Swire has been promoted in Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent cabinet reshuffle, and says his new role is a ‘tremendous honour’.

Mr Swire, previously Minister of State for Northern Ireland, will now be Minister of State to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, working under Foreign Secretary William Hague.

In his new role Mr Swire will be tasked with promoting British interests overseas and supporting UK citizens and businesses around the globe.

His main area of responsibilities will include: the Far East and South East Asia, India and Nepal, Latin America (including the Falkland Islands), and Australasia.

He will also have a range of other duties, including handling the legacy of this year’s Olympics.

Mr Swire said: “It is a tremendous honour to be part of William Hague’s team at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. I will be covering a wide range of countries and issues, and one of my main roles is to help build on the golden legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

“In today’s economic climate, international relations are more important than ever. “There are major changes under way in the world. For example, economic power is moving eastwards into Asia. The spread of democracy and the power of the internet are giving non-government groups and the individual new opportunities to contribute to decisions affecting them. And the need for global solutions to the great issues of our time, such as climate change, terrorism and social inequality, means that international institutions are more important than ever.

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“The UK is well placed to benefit from these changes. We are an influential member of key international organisations such as the United Nations, the European Union, NATO and the Commonwealth, and we have strong links with many parts of the world.

“Britain is emerging as a global hub for ideas and a primary force in the search for answers to global problems and it is my job to help push them through.”

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