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Mine. - Credit: Archant

This month, I have picked a variety of crime and mystery to keep you all on the edge of your seats, writes Jane Corry. Hope you enjoy them!

A Spy Named Orphan.

A Spy Named Orphan. - Credit: Archant

MINE by JL Butler. Harper Collins. £7.99

‘I don’t remember much about the night I was meant to die.’ This is what you call a killer first sentence! A clever novel about a lawyer who takes on a case even though she has a personal interest in the man she is trying to send to prison. Meanwhile, the suspect’s wife is wondering if she really knows her husband. It kept me up all night.

YOU WERE GONE by Tim Weaver. Published by Michael Joseph. £9.35

The Dead Ex.

The Dead Ex. - Credit: Archant

David Raker is finally beginning to get his life back after his wife died some years ago. But now a woman has turned up at a police station, claiming to be her. Is this a terrible practical joke – or could it be true? Lots of twists and turns here which will keep you guessing until the final page.

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A SPY NAMED ORPHAN; the enigma of Donald Maclean by Roland Philipps. Bodley Head. £20.

‘He was such a good diplomat …that his colleagues found it hard to believe that he could be guilty.’ Intriguing lines from a new biography on Maclean who was exposed as a Russian spy in 1951, when he disappeared to Moscow. The author’s grandfather worked with him in the Foreign Office. This is a real-life mystery which continues to intrigue us. Fascinating reading for all generations.

You Were Gone

You Were Gone - Credit: Archant

Most Read

THE DEAD EX by Jane Corry. Published by Penguin Viking June 28. £7.99

Vicki is an aromatherapist with a dark past. One wet windy night, when she is treating a client, the police arrive at her front door. When did she last see her ex-husband who is now missing? Vicki tells them it’s been five years – since they divorced. But when they leave, she picks up the phone and calls him. I have to confess here that I am the author. Hope you enjoy it! My novels are inspired by human relationships and my three years as a writer in residence of a high security male prison.

Twelve Nights

Twelve Nights - Credit: Archant

SEVEN BRIDGES by LJ Ross. £1.99 Kindle

A brilliant fast-moving who-dunnit set in the stunning scenery of Northumbria. Fans of LJ Ross (who is one of the UK’s biggest self-publishing authors) will be familiar with the hero DCI Ryan. This time he is trying to catch a killer who has walked scot-free. But has he taken on more than he can chew?

TWELVE NIGHTS by Andrew Zurcher. Puffin £12.99

Seven Bridges

Seven Bridges - Credit: Archant

This is a charming mystery book for the nine-year-plus age group. Kay’s father is an important college lecturer. But when he doesn’t come home one night, Kay’s mother bundles her and her little sister into the car to see where he is. The college has never heard of him….. The start of a great story!

Do you have a favourite book you’d like to recommend?

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