Easter egg haul eases tots’ toy heartache in Newton Pop

CHILDREN left without toys after flooding misery got a �367 boost from an Easter egg hunt last Saturday.

CHILDREN left without toys thanks to flooding misery got a �367 boost from an Easter egg hunt last Saturday.

Mums and dads of youngsters who value Newton Poppleford’s Rainbow Pre-School staged the fundraising fun as they bid to replace a multitude of play equipment that was ruined when disaster struck in December.

Around 130 people enjoyed the April 23 festivities at the village’s primary school, which included a special appearance by the Easter Bunny, and more than 80 kids took part in the hunt.

“It was a fantastic,” said fundraising mum Nicky Rose. “Our events are only small but they make all the difference. We’re really happy. We had really wonderful help with donations.”

Tots and their families were last year devastated when teddies, dolls, books and even a climbing frame and slide had to be binned when a burst pipe led to flood heartache and asbestos was discovered during the clean-up.

Pre-school organisers said they lost ‘everything’ and labelled it ‘soul destroying’.

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Leaders are hopeful of moving back into their School Lane hub in the coming weeks but were told their insurance company would only pay for building work.

“Any money we can raise goes a long way,” said Nicky. “We have to start from scratch and are heavily asking for donations from anybody that can help us.”