Easter surprise as new foals born at sanctuary

Staff at Sidmouth’s donkey sanctuary went “all gooey” over newborn foals rather than creme eggs at Easter – after two new arrivals were born within 24 hours of each other.

The refuge has a “no-breeding” policy so the two foals were born to mares who arrived at the centre already in foal.

“It’s very exciting and its a real treat to have two foals at once,” explained Emma Gill, PR manager, who claims to go “all gooey” at the sight of fluffy newborns.

While a single birth is “very exciting” a double birth calls for a “major celebration”, she added.

It is thought that donkeys tend to hold on for good weather to give birth and as fair weather broke on Easter Sunday a brown and white male was born at 6.45pm.

He was shortly followed by another boy, also brown, the next day at 11.30pm.

The two foals, who are kept at an outlying farm near Sidmouth, are said to be very healthy and bouncy, and due to be named by supporters very soon.