EDDC leader’s Xmas message

THE leader of East Devon District Council (EDDC) says the authority will do everything in its power to ensure the region’s economy “is in the same good shape as its lovely landscape”.

Paul Diviani’s Christmas and New Year message focuses on how the authority intends to face a future “filled with uncertainty”.

“Our holding position for 2012 is to ensure that when the UK sneezes, East Devon doesn’t catch a cold,” said Councillor Diviani.

“We live in turbulent times.”

He added EDDC has drawn up a four year plan setting out proposals for service delivery in the district.

“We don’t pretend to know all the answers - and that’s why, in the spirit of transparency, we are asking our residents to comment on the proposals set out in the ‘Shaping Our Future’ document,” said Cllr Diviani.

He added EDDC also wanted help “fine-tuning” its blueprint for the region and towns like Sidmouth and Ottery for the next 15 years.

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“It’s vitally important to have a route-map agreed, our ultimate destination in sight, so that the winds of global recession may buffet us but will not blow us off course. Our Draft Local Plan, for residents’ consideration, is part of that process.

“A vibrant East Devon economy, where commerce is thriving and growing and jobs are being created, is the best possible antidote to problems on a national or international scale.”

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