EDDC may intervene to protect Salston Manor

Salston Manor may soon be covered in scaffolding to protect it from deteriorating any further by East Devon District Council.

The conservation officer said in an email to local councillor Roger Giles he might have to serve an ‘Urgent Works Notice’ on the crumbling Ottery hotel costing thousands of pounds.

The town council has been pressuring EDDC to do something to protect the Grade II listed building, after some councillors were shocked at its poor state when they went to inspect it recently.

The management company, based in Jersey, has not yet replied to warning letters sent to them, and the officer revealed if they continue to leave the former hotel as it is, then the council will have to intervene to protect it.

The officer wrote: “The implications of this would be that the Council would have to pay for the works and recover the money from the owners.

“If the building has to be scaffolded and covered over we are probably talking about at least a five figure sum.”