Ballet successes in Sidmouth school’s 30th year

Sidmouth Ballet School founder is guest at 30th anniversary prize-giving

THE annual prize-giving and demonstration of Sidmouth Ballet School and East Devon Dance, took place at Sidmouth College on Saturday.

Among the guests were the school’s founder, Jan Cload, and her daughter Emma Morgan, who presented cups, trophies and awards.

This year, which celebrates the school’s 30th anniversary, has been a great success, with its March show Icons, receiving fantastic accolades.

Lynne Thorne, schools partner, said: “I think people are very surprised when they come to watch our shows at how professional they are.

“We pride ourselves in making it an experience, not only for the students, but for the audiences too.”

She said they were now teaching a generation of students whose parents had danced with them.

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“It’s wonderful to think we’ve been such a valuable part of their lives and now will continue to be through their children and maybe grandchildren,” she added.

In September the school will start a musical theatre club MTC, for children age four to seven and eight plus.

It will encompass everything a budding starlet loves – singing, acting and dancing.

Lynne said: “We’re really excited about these classes, we have a fantastic team for the students to work with, and some great themes to work on – the first one being pantomime.”

Grace Fisher who left the school to go to Masters College, has been made head girl for her second year starting in September.

Congratulations go to the following students:

SID Beginners Cup: Lauren McNally; EDDS Beginners Cup: Phoebe Lovell; Candice Percival Infants Cup: Mya Thorne.

EDDS Infants Progress Cup: Daisy Powers – Maguire; The Jasmine Verplancke Cup: Tanisha Symons.

The Hollie Da’Bell Cup: Matilda Wardrop; The Nightingale Trophy: Natalie Bagwell; Emma Cload Challenge Cup: Rachael Bayliss.

Hannah Finch Allegro Cup: Harriet Southall – Brown; The Classical Majors Cup: Sharol Mackenzie;

Cassie Hill Cup: Zoe McDonnald; The Tara Smith Award: Willow Hawkins; The Alexandra Paul Award: Sharol Mackenzie.

Ballet Outstanding Achievement Award: Alexandra Paul; Lynne Mortimore Cup: Christopher Nichol;

Emma Houghton-Brown Award: Zoe Crockett; Francesca Aquilina Award: Rebecca Blyth; Amelia Bolam Cup: Bethany Sillitoe.

The Caroline Hotchkiss Cup: Ella Robinson; Tap & Modern Outstanding Achievement Award: Kelsey Fitzgerald.

The Michelle Smith Junior Jazz Dance Trophy: Sophie Allen; Boys Jazz Dance Trophy: Jacob Madeley.

Gemma Carnall East Devon Jazz Award : Jasmine Woodgates; Ruth Carmichael Senior Jazz Plate: Tilly Hardwick.