College launches partnership with Sidmouth Surf Shop

Partnership between Sidmouth College and Sidmouth Surf Shop will promote students’ achievement

THE official launch of a partnership between Sidmouth College and Sidmouth Surf Shop, to promote students’ achievement, took place this week.

Yesterday (Wednesday), Andy Salvidge, who owns the shop, attended the launch at the college.

Last January, Sidmouth College introduced a rewards system, based on earning house point stamps in every lesson.

Students earn points for positive achievement and effort, and can also earn extra points for their work, participation in clubs and activities, for good reports and a range of other things.

Each year group takes part in competitions each term, based on the points earned, and can win a range of prizes, that include vouchers to spend online, water bottles, presentation pens, and iPods.

Now Sidmouth Surf Shop has entered into a partnership with the college to promote and further develop this reward system.

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Students who regularly collect their stamps will earn a card, entitling them to 10 percent off all purchases from the shop until summer 2012.

In addition, a number of prizes will be on offer, sponsored by the Surf Shop and co-sponsored by other companies, to reward pupils in their regular end of term competition awards ceremonies.

A spokeswoman for Sidmouth College said: “The College is grateful to Mr Salvidge for working with us to develop this partnership.

“We believe that it sends out a really positive message, that all of us here in Sidmouth want to encourage, support and celebrate the achievement and hard work of our young people.

“The college values this partnership and would welcome any other local businesses that would like to work with us in celebrating achievement.”