Creative approach to prayer at Sidmouth Primary

CHILDREN at Sidmouth Primary School took a creative approach to prayer last week with help from local churches.

‘Prayer spaces’ were set up on all three of the school’s sites, offering areas where youngsters could explore faith and spirituality from a broadly Christian perspective in a safe, creative and interactive way.

Pupils took the opportunity to ask God questions like “Why do we get ill?”, “Why do my parents argue?” and “Who made you?”.

Organiser Kirsty Hammond said: “It was a brilliant way of giving the children the chance to be quiet and reflect.”

Teacher Jason Stephens said: “It was incredible to see the questions the children were coming up with, and the issues they were thinking about, it ranged from poorly dogs to the war in Afghanistan.”

Lisa Rosam added: “The children were keen to explore the prayer room, a calm and peaceful environment that enabled them to recognise how prayer could help them in their everyday lives”

Children described the project as “awesome”.