Creative challenges for Sidmouth students

Sidmouth College students get to grips designing and making periscopes and tsunami-resistant buildings

UP periscopes!

Year Eight science students at Sidmouth College have been getting to grips with making periscopes after being set the challenge to help them understand about reflection.

Pictured are Kath Morton and Ed Hills-Ingyon, both from 8RD with their little and large periscopes.

Meanwhile, learning support assistant Mrs Clayden joined in the challenge and checks out what she can see in her periscope.

Geography students in Year Eight were also set a challenge by teacher Mrs Youngman - to research and produce a model or poster to show how buildings could be designed to minimise the impact of a tsunami.

The challenge followed class work on the causes of the devastating tsunami that hit Japan earlier this year.

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Students worked on their designs at home over a few weeks and came up with some amazing work.

After a difficult time judging, the challenge was jointly won by Adam Loker 8RD, for his imaginative design, and Molly McAndrew 8LL and Elenya Madeley 8JG, who put together a detailed information booklet and model.

Hhighly commended were Shane Bilyard, Daniel Swain, Nathan Pearce, Jack Salvidge, Theo Headon, Matthew Ogley, Beth Pugsley, Hannah Blyth, James Thomas, Lyris Richards, Katie Tweedy, Phoebe Grief, Poppy Snowling, Lyris Richards, and Sebastian MacGregor.