Enterprising Sidmouth students grow Mother’s Day gifts

Green-fingered Sidmouth College students produce range of potted plants and bulbs to sell for Mother’s Day on Sunday

GREEN fingered students from Sidmouth College have successfully produced a range of potted plants and bulbs for sale in school ready for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Staff, pupils and visitors to the college can by items from the Year 10 gardeners from their outside stall near the reception entrance next to the college pond.

There is plenty going on outside for those keen on gardening.

A number of dwarf apple trees have been planted to provide a variety of different desert and cooking apples for use in food technology classes from next year.

An existing hedge has been extended by students planting a range of native species including hawthorn, hazel and dog rose.

Work continues in the greenhouse and on the raised beds created last year, with new ones being developed after Easter.

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Meanwhile, seven varieties of early crop potatoes have been planted as an experiment to find out which type is most prolific in terms of cropping weight.

After harvesting they will be used to produce a variety of dishes, ranging from school-made potato crisps to Bombay-style curried potatoes.