Exotic animal course offered at Bicton

From bugs to boa constrictors, Bicton College offers care course for exotic animals

FROM big bugs to boa constrictors, people fond of snakes, lizards and creepy-crawlies have been showing off the wide range of animals at Bicton College, writes DI BOWERMAN.

Youngsters have been pictured with an array of animals to promote the college’s Level Two care of exotic animal course, which is part-time and free for 16 to 18-year-olds not in education or �216 for others.

Starting on Monday, February 7 for 17 weeks, it is geared to those with an interest in exotic animals who want to provide a better standard of care for their own animals, or pursue a career within the animal care industry.

Students will have the opportunity to develop knowledge of the creatures as well as gaining practical skills in their feeding, handling and husbandry.

They will work with a range of exotic animals including amphibians, invertebrates, birds, snakes and exotic mammals such as lemurs and coatis.

“It could be a taster for those interested in joining a full-time course in September,” said a college spokeswoman.