Explosive trip for Sidmouth business students

Chocolate treats and pyrotecnics - new way of learning for Sidmouth Year 10 group

CHOCOLATE and pyrotechnical explosions were all part of a three-day trip to Birmingham for Year 10 Business Studies students from St John’s International School, Sidmouth.

The group first visited the Cadbury’s factory to look at the way technology, through automation, has completely transformed working practices.

Deputy head Mike Burgess said: “It would have been insulting to our hosts not to partake of their produce and I think I can say without fear of contradiction that our hosts were glad we stopped by!”

The group then went to stay with families from St John’s sister school in Kidderminster.

As part of their visit the students attended a lecture by Dr Lyn Long at the department of Astrophysics and Birmingham University which was, said Mr Burgess, amazing.

“Dr Long demonstrated a series of experiments involving extremes of temperature, which culminated in her pouring liquid nitrogen, at a temperature of minus 196 degrees C, on to the hands of the students.

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“I don’t remember physics classes being like that and if they had been I would certainly have tried harder.

“It was inspirational from a teacher’s perspective as well as the students, who sat open-mouthed as Dr Long created pyrotechnical explosions more akin to entertainment than education - a fabulous way to learn!”