Jubilee Wood get royal seal of approval!

Pic by Guy Newman. 27.06.2013. Y3 Pupils from Newton Poppleford School with the letter they received

Pic by Guy Newman. 27.06.2013. Y3 Pupils from Newton Poppleford School with the letter they received from the Queen thanking them for helping to plant trees in Clinton Devon Estates Jubilee Wood. - Credit: © Guy Newman - 07831 379971

PUPILS at Newton Poppleford Primary School have received royal approval after planting a piece of history to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Delighted youngsters received a letter from Buckingham Palace on behalf of the the Queen.

Year three students were invited by landowner Clinton Devon Estates to plant saplings at a three hectare site near the village - which forms part of a new Jubilee Wood - to mark the 60th anniversary of the coronation.

The school sent the Queen a letter describing their celebrations along with photographs of the trees.

A lady-in-waiting replied thanking pupils and stating how touched Her Majesty has been by the tremendous response to her Diamond Jubilee.

Students are thrilled to receive a royal letter following what was already a very memorable experience for them.

Form teacher Angela Stephen, who runs the school’s gardening club, said: “This has been a fantastic opportunity for the children to gain hands-on knowledge of planting trees, understanding how woodlands are managed and learning about the many environmental threats to our woodlands. To receive a letter from Buckingham Palace has made the experience all the more important for these children. I hope that many of the children, many of whom live in Newton Poppleford, are able to return to Jubilee Wood in years to come to show their children what they planted here.”

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Located alongside Harpford Wood, Jubilee Wood is the estate’s first new planting to be registered with the Woodland Carbon Code.

Around 6,000 Douglas fir and oak saplings are being planted and have been specifically chosen for their resistance to tree disease.

Although Jubilee Wood will not be mature for 80 years, the new public access routes are now open which join the 40-mile East Devon Way with footpath number 12 at Newton Poppleford.

Jubilee Wood will be included in a commemorative Royal Record book containing details of all the Jubilee Woods planted across the country to mark the 60th year of the Queen’s reign.