King’s pupils pass on knowledge to Tipton youngsters

Six students from The King’s School went back to where their education began with a trip to Tipton Primary School.

The pupils, who had all been honoured recently at the special merit awards, were invited by Tipton head teacher Gillian Morris to discuss life after primary school to the current 10 and 11 year-olds.

The six students had received accolades in various subjects and spoke about how Tipton had been key to their current success.

Mrs Morris said: “They have done so well and as school we are very proud of what they have gone on to achieve.

“Its brilliant to have such an outstanding school such as King’s as the natural local catchment area progression from Tipton St John.”

Parents of the pupils were also pleased to see them going back to the village school and pass on advice, some of whom were their younger siblings.

Madeline Birch, mother of Tom, said: “What a great idea, Tipton Primary School has proven to be a fantastic platform for children to go onto higher education, it is no coincidence that these students have all been recognised for their latest achievements and attributes.”

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Elliott Jeffery, who won the ‘Outstanding Role Model’ award at The King’s School, added: “Getting this award was really special for me, and unexpected! Tipton Primary was a great start, and as you can see from the old Tipton group, we’ve all done very well with our grades.

“I still have very fond memories of the school, that’s what I told the children today, they couldn’t be in a better place.”