Modellers make dinosaur

MEMBERS of Branscombe Primary School modelling club have created a model of a life-size dinosaur.

The after-school club was started last summer by teacher Glenn Ford. Since then, it has been attended on Tuesday afternoons by around 12 children from years 2 to 6.

The idea for the club was prompted by a visit to Lyme Regis Fossil Festival last spring.

Mr Ford said: “One of the activities the children did at the festival was begin to make a large dinosaur. We learned some useful techniques which I thought we could further develop back at school.”

Members of the club looked through some dinosaur reference books and decided they wanted to make a life-size pteranodon.

“We used the technique we had learned at the fossil festival, building the frame with cane and tape, then covering it with cling film,” said Mr Ford. “The children then used papier mach� to make the pteranodon’s skin. Finally, we had a lot of fun painting it.”

As no one knows what colours pteranodons actually were, the children were able to make it any colours they wanted it to be. They also learned the dinosaur had two elbows on each arm.