Pirate invasion at Sidmouth’s St John’s School

Junior pupils entertain parents with performance of Pinafore Pirates

SIDMOUTH was invaded by pirates recently when Juniors (Years Three to Six) at St John’s School, Sidmouth, performed Pinafore Pirates by Malcolm Sircom to packed and enthusiastic audiences.

The musical play, based on references to Gilbert and Sullivan productions, was an enormous hit with everyone, with its hearty songs and witty lines.

The school stage was transformed by a backdrop of sea and sky which transported the audience to a world of Pacific islands and pirate ships.

Rebecca Colwill, head of lower school and Jemma Harvey-Jones who run the Theatre Club said they were delighted with the commitment and improvement made by all those performing.

Rebecca said: “Pupils put in a huge effort to learn lines, make props and rehearse in lunchtimes and after school with the result that they were confident performers who portrayed their roles with great energy and conviction.

“There are some real stars in this group who show excellent performance skills although only aged between seven and 11. “The children thoroughly enjoyed the shows and are already eager to know which play they can do next year.”