Play-time begins for West Hill children

There was delight for children in West Hill as the village’s first ever playpark was opened last week.

Ottery Mayor Glyn Dobson and West Hill councillors Roger Giles and Claire Wright joined the rest of the team who had worked to get the project off the ground’ to see the first young boys and girls get to use the facility.

Just in time for the Easter holidays the children were unleashed on the willow den village, a tree root seating and playing area, sets of swings and a centrepiece treehouse.

The long-awaited playpark looked like it wouldn’t get off the ground last summer when the Government considered axing the national Playbuilder funding, but funds were made available for the amenity through a huge community effort and the generosity of local businessmen such as Craig Williams, who sourced thousands of pounds worth of materials and labour to the scheme.