‘Poor driving and bad parking’ in Sidmouth

Plea to drivers

POOR driving and bad parking near Sidmouth Primary School and the town’s fire station have prompted a plea to motorists from the emergency services.

Residents have raised concerns over a persistent issue in Woolbrook Road, say police.

Officers have teamed up with the school, fire service and council parking enforcement officers to tackle the problem.

Sidmouth primary headteacher Paul Walker said: “The majority of parents park responsibly, but some people appear to be stopping, or dropping off children, on zig-zag lines - making it severely more hazardous outside the school.

“They are stopping in places they shouldn’t really stop and making funny manoeuvres.

“Driveways of residents on side roads near the school are also being blocked.”

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The school has urged drivers to be more considerate in its weekly newsletter.

Fire station manager Rob Crisp told the Herald that “unwise parking” in front of the fire station could stop crew members getting into the hub as an emergency unfolds.

“It’s not necessarily related to the school, but if it coincides with a fire call then 16 to 17 vehicles need to come in - and if a car is parked poorly it could become a problem for the team,” said Mr Crisp.

“It has been an issue in the past and could be in the future.”

A spokeswoman for East Devon District Council, the authority responsible for parking enforcement, said officers visit Woolbrook Road on a regular basis.

She added: “To date, no penalty notices have been issued as the people involved have always returned to their car within the allotted observation period.

“Civil enforcement officers do, however, have a word with the drivers to try to discourage them from using this area as a dropping off and collecting point.”

Sergeant Andy Turner said PCSOs were working with all parties to address the problem.