Sidmouth College teams in hot cross run

Budding runners prove their talent in cross country competition

THEY are off! Sidmouth College students took part in inter-house cross country competitions on a hot day last week over a varying two to three kilometre course.

Acting head, Julie Capewell, who congratulated the runners, said: “The competition was extremely good this year, with some great budding runners showing off their talent, many of whom will hopefully go on and represent the college at the East Devon Championships at Bicton College.”

Results: Boys, Year 7: 1. Rory Morgan (15.28); 2. Oliver Jarrett; 3. Ben Miller. Year 8: 1. Jake Allen (15.31); 2. Josh Mclean; 3. Sam Goodier. Year 9: 1. Jack Salvidge (13.25); 2. Charlie Smith; 3. Alex Seward. Senior Boys: 1. Daley Denning (14.45); 2. Scott Harman; 3. Laurence Edgeley.

Girls, Year 7: 1. Hansford (16.09); 2. Isabelle Reed; 3. Charlotte Bond. Year 8: 1. Aimee Vine (14.29); 2. Frankie King-Keast; 3. Rosie Moger. Year 9: 1. Evie Morgan (14.27); 2. Erika Towers; 3. Victoria Black.